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"Good fun. While Crichton treads water, it's good to see someone else take up the reins with such gusto."
--- Kirkus Reviews

"An explosive the style of Michael Crichton and Robin Cook."
--- The Philadelphia Inquirer

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Reviews of The Xeno Solution

Praise for "GermLine"

"Shadowy forces set loose a debut novel where the characters can't wait to argue about chromosomes, gene vectors, and delivery methods...there are breathless chase scenes, triple and quadruple crosses, even a bit of romance with an agent...Good fun. While Crichton treads on water, it's good to see someone else take up the reins with such gusto."
---Kirkus Reviews

"Erlick has penned an explosive read, with a complex web of deceit, keeping the reader entranced. In the style of Michael Crichton and Robin Cook, Erlick's fictional tale provides readers with the scientific and sociological possibilities of the not too distant future."
---The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Combining factual information on cutting-edge gene engineering with a suspenseful plot, Erlick's fast-paced thriller belongs in most sf collections."
---Library Journal

"A cracking good read that kept me turning the pages into the wee hours. GermLine will scare the hell out of you it's so plausible, and the story itself moves like wildfire. Erlick really knows his stuff."
--- Douglas Preston, New York Times bestselling co-author of Relic and The Cabinet of Curiosities

"Erlick makes the promise---and the threat---of radical gene therapy eerily plausible. GermLine has been genetically engineered for maximum suspense and authenticity."
---Greg Cox, New York Times bestselling author of The Eugenics Wars

World renowned experts in gene therapy and genetics

"Spellbinding!...This book is a must-read for anyone who thinks that our scientific advances in genetics will only be used to treat diseases. The issues are complex, and this book deals with them from all sides. An outstanding read!"
--- W. French Anderson, MD, Director, Gene Therapy Laboratories
"The Father of Gene Therapy"

"Bold, provocative, GermLine is for anyone who has ever wondered where medicine ends and genetic engineering might begin. Fiction based on science is always risky unless the science is highly credible.  Erlick's writing is both engaging and believable."
---J. Craig Venter, PhD, President, Center for the Advancement of Genomics


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