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Discussion Questions for "The Xeno Solution"

Read the book?

Maybe your reading group would like to discuss it?

Below are some questions your group might find interesting:

1) If you were being haunted by a dream like Scott’s (at the beginning of The Xeno Solution), would you tend to dismiss it or believe it?


2) Should Scott have pushed himself as hard as he did, trying to get everything done as quickly as he could, before his condition worsened? Or should he have listened to Candice and slowed down? If you had Scott’s medical condition, what would you do?


3) Do you think Scott’s employer treated him fairly? Under the same circumstances, would your company have treated you the same or differently? How do feel about the issue of discrimination in general, when it comes to physical/health challenges?


4) Should IRACT have taken their chances and “come clean” publicly about the problem with their pig organs?


5) Should animal organs ever be used for transplanting into people---despite the best precautions---if they will always carry some risk of infecting healthy people?


6) If animal organs are ever proven to be safe and reasonably effective, do you think they should be used for transplanting into people as an alternative to human organs?


7) Was there a better way for Scott to try to find and free his children, or did he do the best that could be done, given the circumstances?


8) Did you expect the events in Washington, D.C. to happen as they did? If so, why? If not, what did you expect?


9) What do you think Scott’s last statement meant?


10) Was the epidemic stopped in time?


11) If you found yourself in a similar situation---for example, if the Avian Flu spreads to humans and morphs into a pandemic, what would you do?

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